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Focus By Rhona X

Welcome to Focus by Rhona x, where clarity meets calmness. Unwind your mind one drop at a time.  


Looking for a natural way to enhance your focus and boost your productivity? Our premium formula is designed to help you stay on track. Buy now or check out our convenient subscription service so you never run out. Take time out of your day to Focus!

About focus by rhona...

Having been an advocate for cbd oil for several years, seeing the miraculous changes in both my kids (who all have special needs) and my own life. I wanted to create a brand to encourage and motivate other people to take back control of their own lives like i have, to educate and inspire people to try this natural remedy that will make their lives easier and their journey smoother. To understand the importance of putting yourself first, dealing with your own issues and therefore encouraging your loved ones to do the same. Because trust me if I could do it so can anyone! YOU JUST NEED TO FOCUS!!”

Rhona x

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"Zen in a bottle"

“I’ve been using Focus by Rhona for several weeks now, and I’m amazed by the results. This oil has truly transformed my daily routine. I feel more focused, energized, and centered throughout the day. It’s like a breath of fresh air for my mind and body. Highly recommend!”



I started using CBD oil for my daughter who has autism. I was scared at first but Rhona talked me through everything. I know it takes awhile to build up in the system but I can honestly say after 3 days I noticed a huge difference in her. She’s very fussy about food and is incredibly limited in her diet but she ate stuff she would of had a meltdown about . She’s more curious about everything now. Her meltdowns were severe to the point she was hurting herself and thankfully because of the CBD oil this rarely happens now. Her eyes are open to the world around her and you can actually see the sparkle in her eyes. I also started using it for my toddler son. He has a lot of anger issues and extreme meltdowns. He was constantly getting into trouble in creche and every week there were multiple reports about his bad behaviour. I’ve been sneaking CBD oil into his bottle in the morning and he has certainly mellowed out. Creche can’t get over the change in him. He still has his moments but that’s typical of 2year olds testing boundaries. I would highly recommend giving cbd oil to children struggling. I didn’t want to originally but I was desperate to try anything to help my daughter. My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. Thank you for all your help Rhona.





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